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HiLumz tennis play court fixture

Night serve.jpg


Since players should expect to play under this lighting for 20 years or more, we believe light 

performance is the #1 criteria; and in designing the NightShine Grand, we set out to deliver unmatched performance.

Request a full benefits assessment - including financial ROI, play accessibility, and improved branding.


Purpose built to deliver optimal tennis lighting

Stocked in Black
T4 & T4 Wide
Wireless Controls
Pole Adaptors & Poles
Highly Serviceable
Best Warranty on the Market

The Nightshine Grand is a high power, long life system with Lumiled 5050 LEDs and precision optics.


Photometric excellence allows for exact distribution to meet class III and class IV tennis court performance. 

Built in Alpharetta, GA, order the NightShine Grand with one or many of a full line of control options and features.

Nightshine Grand Tennis Lights

NightShine Grand spec sheet

Back guards.png

IES files and photometric analysis available upon request

6 Light Tennis Court Photometric

Class IV light performance - with only 6 fixtures!

Optic Level Backlight Guards
Prevents backlight spillage and reduces glare


Keep the fixture ... The highest output, best optical performing, tennis court retrofit system on the market.

Get out of the metal halide replacement business and enjoy a great increase in light performance. While keeping the fixture. 

Great for maintenance and maintaining existing fixtures. 

Three LED drivers powering three high output LED systems for redundancy, while directing the light in the shape of a forward/wide throw T4 optic.

Excellent and unique installation system.


Tennis LED Conversion Kit Spec Sheet

IES files and photometric analysis available upon request

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