Post top & lamp retrofits


A professional field transition of traditional post tops to LED; keep the charm, improve the light, eliminate maintenance.

Keep the charm and offer customers a professional field transition from a traditional post top system to a like-new LED system. Originally designed as a new post top engine to OEMs, and now offered with the same performance for field conversions to LED. 

The new post top will look like it was designed for LED, while maintaining the quality of the original fixture.

Available with a variety of installation solutions, color, lumen packages, and optical control to maintain the sophistication of a classic post top while delivering excellent down light to the street or walkway. 

Available as a replacement to metal halide, high pressure sodium, or amber.

DC Barrel Mini Post Top Spec Sheet

Floating Post Top DC Barrel Mini 2021 03 v1.png

Floating Post Top & Finial Mount


Sconces • Wall Packs • Canopies • Hazardous

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LED Post Top Lights

See how easy it is to install our high quality LED retrofits.

Watch our brief videos, below.

DC Post Top Installation Guide

(Finial Mount, HPS replacement)

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DC Post Top, Modern Selux Retrofit

(Socket Mount, HPS replacement)
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