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wall pack cartridge & WallShine Flip


Exceed the light & longevity performance of a new LED wall pack; but with under 10 minute install.

The Wall Pack Cartridge's unique HiLumz hinge design offers both the easiest installation of any wall pack retrofit, but with the DM light board and a Meanwell HLG driver, the Wall Pack Cartridge delivers the highest efficiency wall pack of all DLC listed units. Designed to exceed the performance of a new wall pack with 10% of the install hassle.

Better light than a new wall pack and no more changing anchor screws and repainting footprint gaps.

Installed b&w.png

Wall Pack Cartridge sell sheet

Wall Pack Cartridge spec sheet

Wall Pack Cartridge Install

Wall Pack Cartridge Install Video


The highest quality components packed into a field adjustable wall pack system with excellent light performance.

Newly launched in 2020, the WallShine Flip Wall Pack is a proven winner for installers with simple direct, junction box, or slip fitter mount. The versatile system allows for adjusting the light distribution on site while sellers can consolidate full and semi cutoff SKUs.

The WallShine uses the same dependable and high power light engine as the NightShine Mini area light.

WallShine Flip Spec Sheet

Wallshine LED Wall Pack Lights
Rotate the base to flip between semi and full cutoff
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