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troffer led conversion kits

Please note that RipStrips will be relaunched in Q4 2022 to meet new DLC requirements

Stock on current RipStrips is limited


Simple plug & play magnetic strips designed for fast conversion of fluorescent troffers to LED.

Dependable driver and LED strips that exceed the performance of LED tubes; more efficient, better maintenance, less failure points; all while keeping the existing fixture. Designed with quick connects and the easiest application in the industry.

Convert a standard 132 Watt 2x4 fluorescent 4-tube troffer to a two 32 Watts in under five minutes without exposure to infrastructure changes. 

The driver offers 0-10V dimming and a variety of wattages to meet any application. 

Hospitals, offices, schools, commercial troffers all great candidates for a simple upgrade to LED.

RipStrip Family spec sheet

RipStrip Brochure

HiLumz Driver mod v2.png
LED Troffer Strip Lights
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