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troffer led conversion kits


CCT and wattage adjustable plug & play magnetic strips designed for fast conversion of fluorescent troffers to LED.

Updated to new technology in 2023, these dependable driver and LED strips exceed the performance of LED tubes. Offering more efficient, better maintenance, less failure points; all while keeping the existing fixture. Designed with quick connects and the easiest application in the industry.  

The secure design allows for rough handling with no exposed LEDs or connectors. These strips are tough!

Convert a standard 132 Watt 2x4 fluorescent 4-tube troffer to a two 30 Watt LED system in under five minutes without exposure to infrastructure changes. 

The driver offers 0-10V dimming and a variety of field adjustable wattages to meet any application. 

Hospitals, offices, schools, commercial troffers all great candidates for a simple upgrade to LED.

RipStrip specification sheet

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