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high output linear strips


A proven linear solution that delivers exceptional performance and customization.

The S Strips utilize underpowered Samsung 561C mid power LEDs and HiLumz designed circuitry to ensure long lasting, consistent lighting, and application specific design; including  customized drivers and engineered lumens per foot to solve a wide variety of linear retrofit solutions.

Available with a class B low frequency interference driver, AUX output to meet spec controls, and aluminum dust free channels for tough applications.

Accent lighting, low bay, troffers (medical), vapor tights, industrial, other. Up to 1200 lumens/foot.

Solution available for daisy chaining a single driver up to 32 feet.

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LED Linear Strip Lights

S Strips General Spec Sheet

S Strips Daisy Chained Install

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The highest output strip system on the market, engineered in a heat sink channel for easy application

The HiLumz DynaStrips are made for power and long life. Delivering up to 2500 lumens per foot (10k lumens in a 4 ft strip), DynaStrips are routinely used for high bay retrofits, sign lighters, paint booths, and a variety of the applications where light output is the name of the game.

DynaStrips are pressed into a custom heat sink and available in an IP65 water resistant channel.

DynaStrips sell sheet

DynaStrips specification sheet

Dynastrip LED Linear Strip Lights
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