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The Lungs of Your Building

Clean all air as it passes through the HVAC

UVC Lighting in commercial HVAC systems is a fast growing trend. The benefits are immense and HiLumz is here to ensure that you install the best system on the market.

With thousands of UVC solutions available, it's important that facilities choose systems that will perform and last. Our limited network of installers will ensure you get the promised results. 

HiLumz provides 254nm Mercury Vapor UVC lighting with "Lego" style installation solutions to help our customers ensure a successful install

Every facility should have it!

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Clean Coils

Increase HVAC efficiency by 2% to 15%

By installing proper UVC lights at the coils, facilities can avoid difficult maintenance and ensure no heat exchange loss.

Within two weeks, coils will be shiny and clean. 

This avoids pressure washing or the use of dangerous chemicals to clean difficult to reach radiator coils. In the majority of cases these coils are a victim of negligence. In those cases, heat transfer is negatively impacted and the efficiency of the HVAC system is in decline.

How it works

254nm UVC lighting is naturally produced by the sun. These dangerous rays are blocked by the Ozone layer in our atmosphere. If not for the Ozone layer, light at this frequency would kill all living organisms on the surface of the Earth.

The light effectively penetrates the cell walls of the DNA structure, effectively terminating it on impact. 

We measure the light intensity and recommend an application that will kill 99.9% of Covid and other dangerous micro organisms with four passes of the air (note that most HVAC systems circulate the air between 8 and 20 times per day).

As air circulates, it's continuously cleans.

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Kills mold, mildew, fungi, virus, bacteria

Our Solution

  1. Teflon coated high output lamps to protect from mercury spillage if broken

  2. Industry leading 18,000 hour life

  3. Lego install kit (a HiLumz area of expertise) with easy modifications to reduce install risk

  4. 10 Year ballast warranty

  5. 2 Year lamp warranty

  6. Fast quote process with full design file and kill rate analysis


Request an audit today and take the big step towards improving health and managing facility risk

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