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This is a short list of the type of projects where customers have turned to HiLumz.  

Minneapolis St. Paul Airport Roadway Fixtures

When driving through the MSP airport, the roadway is lined by lovely decorative poles and matching Sterner roadway fixtures. These fixtures were housed by 750 Watt Metal Halide. HiLumz built a custom kit with 480VAC input, 20kV surge protection, and T4 roadway optics at 3000k. 

The facilities team loved the ease of install, reduced energy consumption by over 50%, increased light performance, and solved a long term maintenance issue.

The MSP team evaluated replacing the fixtures with new. The HiLumz LED system saved over $1.0mm in installation costs and accelerated the transition to long-term LED.

IMG_5461 2.JPG

DOT Tunnel Retrofit - ~3500 fixtures

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) manages a highly visible tunnel with over three thousand GE TunnelGuard fixtures. The ADOT had to close the tunnel four times per year to replace light bulbs and ballasts. HiLumz worked closely with the ADOT team to develop an LED kit that ultimately would install in less than 4 minutes per fixture!  Allowing rapid deployment of a system that reduced energy consumption by over 60% , greatly improved lighting, and allowed for the stability of a longer life LED light source.

HiLumz specified it's trusty DM light engine, with 20kV external surge protection and an failure indicator light, and a solid state driver with twice the life of a standard LED driver.

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Kit Installed.JPG
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