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HiLumz area light fixture

Feature Rich Premium Performance Area Light

JIT Time Production

  You Choose. . . 

  • Color

  • Lumen Package

  • Voltage

  • Optics

  • Surge

  • Controls

  • Mount

No job too big or small


High quality area light that delivers excellent lumen distribution and a variety of latest generation features.

The Nightshine II is made on demand at the HiLumz facility. No job too small with custom optical, wattage, color, and control options.

At over 19 lbs, the Nightshine II is a heavy blade fixture that offers presence, elegance, and performance.

The HiLumz team performs all wiring to ensure the system is maintenance friendly, with a large driver box and quick connect wiring. Lumiled 3030 clustered LEDs provide great thermal management and even light distribution. 


Additional surge and a breathing valve provide increased protection against failures. Lastly, the one-person installation system is an installers dream.

  • Stocked in bronze

  • Back light guard available

  • T2, T3, T4, T5

  • 4000K, 5000K stocked; 3000K available

  • 10kA or 20kA surge available

  • Photocell, PIR sensor, virtual midnight, or wireless controls.

NightShine II spec sheet

Tennis Court System

IES files and photometric analysis available upon request